Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  Asbestos Inspection Can Save Your Life

An Asbestos Inspection Can Save Your Life


During a home asbestos inspection, a certified inspector will check it thoroughly both on the inside and out. Asbestos, also referred to as "the evil dust," is an invisible fibrous material that can be deadly to humans. When inhaled, it attacks the lungs and builds cumulatively. When an asbestos professional is conducting an inspection, he will be outfitted with a special suit and mask to prevent any dust from getting into his lungs.
The inspection will usually start on the outside. The inspector will get samples from areas of the house with materials known to contain asbestos. He will collect samples from these areas to ascertain whether or not asbestos is present. 
During an inspection, only a certain number of samples will be collected. So, if a home has ten windows, only four samples of window sills on different sides of the house may be tested. The inspector will go around and throughout the house and garage looking at caulking in various areas, cement, vinyl siding outside and vinyl used in areas inside the home, and drywall.

He will test flooring materials such as laminate and vinyl and if there is more than one layer, he may test the multiple layers. Smaller items like smoke detectors and plastic fire logs are also known to have asbestos and are subject to sampling.
Asbestos testing in older homes is crucial because asbestos-containing materials were used extensively prior to 1980. The information about the dangers it poses was not readily available, so the cautions were not in place. While newer homes are less likely to have exposed asbestos areas, such as in pipe insulation, a loose-fill asbestos testing is never a bad decision.
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