Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  What is an Asbestos Inspection?

What is an asbestos inspection?

When a person is looking to buy a home or an office they should have it tested for asbestos. If the asbestos fibers get into the air a person can be at risk of developing cancer. It is best to get the building tests to see if asbestos is present.


A state certified asbestos testing and removal company should be contacted to test the building for asbestos. They will take a sample of any material that looks like it may be asbestos. The samples will then best sent to a lab for further testing. If asbestos is found, a person needs to take steps to begin the removal process. If no asbestos is found then a person does not have to worry.

Visual Inspection

Most professionals will be able to tell if a substance is an asbestos just be looking at it. If a person wants to be certain this material can still be sent away to a lab. It is best to work with a professional. They will know how to safely collect samples and may find asbestos in areas where a person would have never thought to look. The professional can do a full property inspection to make sure the property is safe.

On-Site Testing

Onsite sampling can also be done by a professional. They will come to the property and take samples of the material. They will test it on the spot and will be able to tell right away if the material is asbestos. A person can also have an air quality test performed so they will know if there are asbestos fibers in the air.

Asbestos is a very dangerous substance and can cause cancer if the fibers get into the air. It is important to have a property tested for asbestos so if found it can be removed. For more details click on loose-fill asbestos testing.

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