Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  What Is Loose-fill Asbestos Testing

What Is Loose-fill Asbestos Testing

Loose-fill Asbestos Dangers 
Loose fill asbestos is a carcinogen that when disturbed is dangerous to your health. Its asbestos fibers can be released into the air where we breathe them into our lungs causing breathing problems. Common symptoms which can be experienced include a persistent dry cough, unexplained pain in the body, shortness of breath and other lung problems. In 2015, the NSW Government announced a residential property protection law for homeowners who may have loose-fill asbestos insulation. 
Loose-fill Asbestos Removal Options 
Testing for this harmful asbestos is pretty simple. The two options for loose-fill asbestos testing consists of using a testing service where a certified technician comes to your home to test for you. 
Option two is that you can use a DIY testing kit. Each kit contains implicit instructions to keep you safe and all the materials that you need. 
DIY testing kits are less expensive and it depends on the results as to what happens next. Whether a technician or you do it yourself, the key is to get samples of the asbestos and other materials as requested within the kit. 
How To Test for Asbestos 
Technicians and DIY loose-fill testing kits will require the following: 
1. A piece of loose-fill asbestos is collected. The asbestos sample is placed in a bag, it is sealed tightly and then mailed off to a certified testing lab. The test generally takes a week or two with the results. 
2. Whether a technician or the DIY loose fill testing kit, the instructions may ask for a dust sample. Wear a mask and gloves for this part of the test. A loose dust sample is gathered, around 1 teaspoon full. If you are unable to scoop dust samples, then the testing kit will instruct you to use a damp tissue to sweep over the dust, followed by enclosing that issue inside a plastic sealed bag. 
What happens if your loose-fill asbestos samples are positive? The certified lab will provide information about who to contact for the loose-fill asbestos removal process. Generally, a contractor can quickly and safely remove the asbestos. If your loose-fill asbestos is beyond control in the home, then the NSW will arrange for your home to be demolished.
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