Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  What is a Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation and is it Dangerous?

What is a loose fill asbestos insulation and is it dangerous?


Any type of asbestos in a home can be dangerous if disturbed. The type of asbestos known as loose fill asbestos insulation, however, is the most dangerous. With millions of homes around the world still having this type of insulation in walls and under floors, if yours may have it too, you need to know.


What is loose fill asbestos insulation? -- This is asbestos that was ground up into tiny pieces from its original form in large sheets. It was then used to stuff into small cracks and holes the original large asbestos sheets were too big to deal with.


Why is loose fill asbestos so dangerous? -- Unlike large sheets of asbestos, which are generally still intact, the loose fill type is made up of extremely small pieces. These pieces are able to work themselves free from the cracks and holes they were originally stuffed into, and from there they escape into the air.


This air is usually the air you and your family breathe. One small piece of asbestos can then be inhaled into yours or a family member's lungs, where it will often embed itself. Once embedded, the asbestos than begins to cause health problems. These can be anything from breathing problems to lung cancer.


How to get rid of it -- Getting rid of loose fill asbestos insulation is more difficult than eliminating the larger sheets of asbestos from your home, but it is still possible.


Hire a company that specializes in this kind of asbestos removal. They will first come to your home and test for it. If it is discovered your home is contaminated with this type of dangerous substance, they will then make arrangements to return with the right equipment at a later date and remove it for you. Click on loose-fill asbestos testing for more details.


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