Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  How is Loose Fill Asbestos Testing Carried Out?

If you suspect you may have loose fill asbestos in a building you own, your legal obligation is to have the building tested for it.

After all, loose fill asbestos is more dangerous than the typical asbestos used as insulation in thousands of Australian buildings. So you need to find out if your building is contaminated with it and, if so, how to have it removed.

How is loose fill asbestos testing carried out? -- You have two options when it comes to having loose fill asbestos testing done in your home.

You can hire a local service to do it. They will generally send a qualified technician to your home. He will then take air and material samples, and they will be sent off to a lab to be tested.

Or you can order a loose-fill asbestos testing kit and do it yourself.

How to use a kit -- If you decide to test your building for loose fill asbestos yourself, you can order a kit from one of the many companies selling them.

Kits come with all the instructions you will need to test your home correctly. They also have all the materials you will need to do so. Just follow the instructions, making sure you choose samples materials from a variety of areas in your building.

Getting your samples tested -- Once you have collected relevant materials, package them up as the test kit tells you do to. Then send them to the lab whose address is included in the test kit.

The lab will usually do your testing for you within 24 to 48 hours and then either call you or mail you the results.

If you do have loose fill asbestos in your home, they will also give you information about some of the options you now have to consider as far as removing loose fill asbestos is concerned.

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