Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  Steps to Loose-fill Asbestos Testing

What Are the Steps for Loose-fill Asbestos Testing You Should Take?

If you live in Australia and think there may be loose-fill asbestos somewhere on a property that you own, you are mandated by law to find out and then to deal with it. 
This all starts by arranging for loose-fill asbestos testing to be carried out. These are the steps you will need to take to do that. 
Decide on self-testing or a testing service -- Your first decision should be whether you will do the testing yourself, or if you will pay a service to do it for you. 
Self-testing is simple, affordable and you will get the same results as if you pay a company to do it instead. The only real difference for most people is that they get peace of mind by having a company do it, so they feel it has been carried out correctly. 
Self-testing for loose-fill asbestos -- Self-testing requires purchasing a kit, which you can do on hundreds of websites including some of the testing companies themselves. 
Once you receive the kit, follow the instructions so that taking the air and material samples is done correctly. Once you have all the samples, package them up and mail them to the testing laboratory for analysis. You should receive the results within a few days. 
Arranging for a testing service -- If you prefer to arrange for a loose-fill asbestos testing service, this can be done via the company's website or via email. 
Testing only takes a few minutes, then the samples are taken to a lab for analysis. The service will contact you when the results are known, and tell you if your property tested positive or negative for loose-fill asbestos. 
If it is positive, you will be talked through your options as to how to deal with the asbestos and how to remove it from your property.
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