Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  What is a Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation

What is a Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation and How Can You Find It?


What is a loose fill asbestos insulation, and how can you find it in your home?
If you do not think you have this type of asbestos in your own home, you may be shocked to find tens of thousands of homes are probably contaminated with it in your state. So much so, companies that specialize in testing for loose fill asbestos insulation, are usually kept quite busy.
What exactly is it? -- While the typical asbestos used for insulation was put into homes in large sheets or pieces, loose fill asbestos was torn up into very small pieces and then used to insulate small areas of a home.
That means it is often present in attics, under floorboards, underneath sinks and even in your inner walls. 
Why is it so dangerous? -- Unlike asbestos that comes in sheets, it is far easy for tiny pieces of loose fill asbestos to escape from the area they were first put in, and then into the air you breathe.
If you or someone in your family breathes it into their lungs, it can get trapped there. This causes severe health issues.
How can you find out if your home is contaminated? -- Finding loose fill asbestos insulation usually means hiring a company to do it.
An experienced company knows which areas of a home to look in, how to take samples of suspect substances and how to make sure every possible area is checked.
Hire a company and have them spend the time necessary to test all areas of your home. The results of the tests will take just a few days to get back. If you do discover your home was insulated with this type of asbestos, the company can then recommend what your next steps should be. Get to know more about loose-fill asbestos testing come visit our site.
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