Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  Loose fill asbestos insulation?

Loose asbestos fill insulation can be a danger if it is present in the home. Asbestos fibers can
lead to various types of cancers. The older building was often made with asbestos fill insulation
and now that the dangers were found this asbestos needs to be removed. The asbestos in this
insulation is considered to be high risk since it has been poured into openings in the walls of the
joints. If a person has vermiculite insulation in their attic there is a good chance that this fill contains

 Loose-fill asbestos insulation was common in homes that were built before 1990. These homes may
have asbestos fill in certain areas especially the attic. The insulation may be a gray or brown color
which can mean that it is dangerous. The material is lightweight but a person should never check on
their own. They should call a licensed asbestos testing and removal company to check out the insulation.
A person should never test the material on their own. They may accidentally release the fibers into
the air or put themselves at risk. They may also release the asbestos fill and the fibers into the heating
and cooling system and this can put their entire home at risk.

 Loose-fill asbestos used to be a common form of insulation before the dangers were known. If a person
has an older home or if they have suspicions about their insulation they should have the material tests
to make sure their home and their family are safe.

For more, you may check loose-fill asbestos testing.


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