Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  Loose fill asbestos insulation

What is a loose fill asbestos insulation?

Asbestos was once used in several products around the home. Loose-fill asbestos
insulation was often found in walls and in attics to keep the warmth in the home.
This was popular well before asbestos was found to cause cancer. Loose fill insulation
may still be in the joints and wall studs in some home. These loose particles can
be very dangerous if they are released into the air.

In the attic loose fill, insulation may be called vermiculite insulation. There may be
nothing too bad about this but over 70 years ago there was a company that made
it called Zonolite.

This brand was contaminated with asbestos and was one of the biggest suppliers in
the United States. Now older homes where this and similar brands where used may
pose health hazards to the occupants.

Some homes have a higher chance of having loose fill asbestos than others. If the
home was built before 1990 there is a chance it may have insulation that contains
asbestos. Homes built after this time have less of a chance of containing asbestos
but there is still a chance.

The insulation that contains asbestos will have a specific color. The loose fill insulation
may be a grey or brown color. It can also have the appearance of being silver or gold
in color. The insulation particles will have a texture that is accordion like. As the heat
increases the particles will begin to become puffy. The asbestos will lay flat on the
joints and is lightweight. If a person has any of these signs they should have the
material tested right away.

Many homes may contain loose fill asbestos. At one time this material was common in
the construction field. If a person feels they have this asbestos they should have the
material tested.

You may also check loose-fill asbestos testing for more.

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