Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing
  Loose-Fill Asbestos Testing in Australia

What you Need to Know about Loose-fill Asbestos Testing in Australia


If you own property in Australia that was built in the late 1970s or before, you need to know about loose-fill asbestos testing. Not only is it mandatory if you suspect you have loose-fill asbestos in a property you own but, in many cases, it could save your health or even your life. 
What is loose-fill asbestos? -- Unlike the large sheets of asbestos that were put in many Australian properties as they were being built, loose-fill asbestos is tiny pieces of asbestos that were used to fill holes and cavities in homes and businesses. While large sheets of asbestos can be dangerous enough, loose-fill asbestos is even more dangerous. This is due to tiny pieces easily being able to escape into the air. You then breathe them in, they lodge in your lungs and health problems can then occur. 
What is loose-fill asbestos testing? -- There are two ways to do this. 
First, you can order a test kit from a testing company, follow the instructions and do the loose-fill asbestos testing yourself, or you can hire a company to do it for you. In both cases, the testing is done by the collection of small samples of fibers from around your home, and from air samples. These are then sent to a lab where they are tested for asbestos. 

What happens if you have loose-fill asbestos in your property? -- You will be given several options either by the testing place or the lab that tested your samples. One of them will be to have the loose-fill asbestos professionally removed, although this can be very difficult. 
Another way will be to sell your property to the Australian authorities. They will pay you a fair price, and will then demolish the property to make it and the area it is located in completely safe.
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