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  Asbestos Still a Threat to Health in 2018

Asbestos still a threat to health in 2018

Asbestos is still a real hazard to health in 2018. What is asbestos? Asbestos is an insulation that was in high and frequent usage throughout the 1960's and 1970's that was later on identified to be a major carcinogen and threat to human health and wellness. So then why is it of concern in 2018? The reason for this, is because there are many old homes and buildings in which asbestos can still be frequently found, and to top it all off it can be hard to identify. After the use of Asbestos was banned, many companies made products with a very similar physical and outward appearance to actual asbestos which was banned. This made it almost like a gamble to be able to identify if what one thinks is "High-Cancer risk" Asbestos is just a "Harmless" lookalike. One of the only real ways to actually identify real asbestos is to put a sample through a process called, Polarized Light Microscopy using a powerful PLM microscope. Another type of testing that can be used to identify if the sample is indeed asbestos, is to use a method called dispersion staining. Of course when collecting a sample one must make sure to take caution of their health. To do this a pair of pliers should be used to remove the suspect material from the sample site; make sure the pliers have a type of cloth or fabric on the ends to ensure that the asbestos does not make actual contact with the pliers. After the sample has been removed place the sample and the cloth or fabric into a zip or press bag, then double bag it to further ensure that the asbestos cannot make human contact. After that it is best to send it to a testing lab in your area. There are several types of asbestos so it can be difficult to be sure if there is asbestos present or not. These include blue,brown, and white asbestos. One rule to live by and remember is; its better to know then assume. If someone is not sure if what they are dealing with is asbestos then they should always test for their health and the safety of their loved ones. The best way to stay healthy is to stay in charge of our health and make informed decisions. To know more click on 
loose-fill asbestos testing.

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